Responsible Business

Remarkable stewardship
of planet and people

4 Pillars Of
Responsible Business

As well as the environmental impact, we must also direct resource to the other two principles of sustainability; economic viability, and social equity.

Our roadmap over the next 10 years sets out key initiatives and milestones that help us achieve this vision. They are driven and intertwined with our unique values:

Be Brave, Creative, Determined, Collaborative, and Passionate.

The 4 areas of focus are of equal importance, these pillars are benchmarks, that help keep our efforts aligned.

We are very proud to confirm that our Remarkable Sustainable policy is a key area of our long term business strategy. It is vital that sufficient resource is deployed to realise our commitments. This also needs strong governance to ensure we set clear goals, take action, measure and calibrate our performance. We do this by the engagement of the following teams:

  • The Board
  • Senior Management Team
  • Sustainability Committee

The above structure allows us to successfully deliver on our policy objectives across the 4 areas. This enables accountability, transparency, and clear lines of communication. We can then be confident we are a company delivering sustainable growth and positive change.


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Key Initiatives

Renewable Electricity

Fuelled by 100% renewable electricity harnessing the power of wind, rain, sun and waste.

Net Zero Carbon

Striving to reduce our carbon footprint through sustainable and environmental efficiencies by 2030.

Mental Health Ambassadors

Dedicated Mental Health and Well-being Ambassadors across office, site and factory.

Dedicated Training Budget

£130,000 dedicated training budget for our people over 3 years.


Commitment to ensuring at least 10% of the workforce are employed via the Apprenticeship route.

Social & Charity Committee

A dedicated team who organise group events and get-togethers to bring us all together to do what we are passionate about whilst implementing both action and fundraising to help our community


A dedicated team who review and improve all of our processes and services to get us to our 2030 Net Zero goal.

Waste Reduction

Championing offsite and Modern Methods of Construction to achieve our goal of 50% reduction in waste by 2030.

Recycled Profiles

Use of aluminium profiles with up to 80% recycled content.


Implementing digitisation across all business operations to eliminate paper use.